For athletes and health-conscious people, New Release “Muscle Curry” (frozen) Start of delivery to all over Japan

For athletes and health-conscious people

New Release  ”Muscle Curry” Started delivery of frozen curry to all over Japan.

Azabu Juban Yakuzen Curry Shinkai has launched “Muscle Curry” as a new curry brand.

Nationwide delivery in Japan of “Frozen Muscle Curry” was released on March 1 on the official Online Shopping Site.
In addition, delivery of “Muscle Curry Lunchboxes” is now available exclusively in Tokyo’s Minato Ward.

What is Muscle Curry?

The ultimate curry that has mastered “high protein x low carbohydrate” that changes the common sense of curry.

One serving provides up to 51.2 g of protein and at least 18 g of carbohydrates or less.
(※From M1 Nutrition Facts for High Protein Muscle Curry.)

It is gluten-free and cuts oil to a minimum.Healthy curry with low calories, gluten-free, etc.This curry is a great way for health-conscious people and athletes to replenish their protein intake with a delicious meal.

7 Characteristics of Muscle Curry

1.High protein

2.Low sugar content

3.Low calorie

4.Gluten-Free(Wheat flour is not used)

5.Cut oil to a minimum

6.More than 17 spices and herbs

7.Nutrients for muscle development

We invite health-conscious people, training and athlete groups to try Muscle Curry.

Product Outline

M1. High Protein Muscle Curry(freezing)

[Price] 1dish  1,512yen (tax included )
[Nutrition Facts]
calorific value(Calories) 432kcal
Dietary fiber:13.5g

M2. Low-sugar Muscle Curry(freezing)

[Price] 1dish  1,512yen (tax included

[Nutrition Facts]
calorific value(Calories) :347kcal
Dietary fiber:15.3g

M3. Healthy Muscle Curry(freezing)

[Price]1dish  1,512yen (tax included
[Nutrition Facts]
calorific value(Calories):346kcal
Dietary fiber:13.5g

Soybean rice is used instead of rice

To achieve high protein and low sugar content, soybean-based “soybean rice(*)” is used instead of white rice.Compared to white rice, protein is about 2.8 times higher and carbohydrates are 87% lower.

 * Soybean rice is a soy food developed by Fujikko Corporation that looks like rice.

Delivered “as tasty as ever” in frozen curry to all over Japan

Product Type:Frozen curry

In order to deliver the best taste that cannot be achieved in a retort pouch, we have adopted a “frozen curry” style.

We deliver by cool delivery to all parts of Japan.

Sales website:Muscle Curry official e-commerce site(

The Story of Muscle Curry Development

1.Protein, from a good meal

Many people who go to training gyms or fitness clubs eat protein, salad chicken, and other foods as a way to actively consume protein.

Many of you may have no choice but to eat them out of a sense of obligation, prioritizing function (nutritional value) over taste in order to get more “protein” in your diet.

We want athletes to enjoy eating a meal that provides them with protein. With this in mind, we have created “Muscle Curry,” a delicious meal that provides a good source of protein.

We want to release the “stress” of eating with endurance and the “stress” of eating out of a sense of obligation, so that people can consume “protein” from delicious meals that they actively want to eat, enjoy the meals themselves, and feel the pleasure of eating. We want our customers to enjoy their meals and feel the pleasure of eating.

2.Japan’s Food Challenges

In today’s Japan, it is very difficult for athletes and people who are working out to consume a diet that emphasizes protein and nutritional balance.

At convenience stores and supermarkets, you can buy a variety of foods that are readily available, but many side dishes and boxed lunches contain many additives and are not healthy.

There is a wide variety of protein drinks, protein bars, and salad chicken on the market, but if it is the same every time, you will inevitably get bored.

Furthermore, most restaurants in Japan have carbohydrate-centered menus, making it difficult to get a good balance of protein and other nutrients.

For athletes and those who work out, we believe that there are still few food options that provide a good source of protein.

3.Harmful effects of excessive carbohydrate intake

We came up with the idea of Muscle Curry in order to increase the variety of “high protein and tasty food options.

Many existing high-protein foods are biased toward protein and do not take into account the balance of other nutrients.

It is said that the majority of people today consume excessive amounts of carbohydrates, especially when it comes to sugar, and the associated pre-diabetic population is also very high.

We offer “high protein x low carbohydrate” Muscle Curry for not only athletes and bodybuilders, but also for those who are concerned about sugar content.

Delivery(Minato-ku, Tokyo only)

In addition to selling frozen curries throughout Japan, Muscle Curry also offers delivery via UberEATS exclusively to Minato Ward, Tokyo.

In addition to the delivery of three regular products, customers can also customize their own toppings. Customers can select ingredients according to the nutritional value they wish to consume at that time.

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