Yakuzen Curry Shinkai was featured in Mori Building’s media “HILLS LIFE Daily”.

We are pleased to announce that “Yakuzen Curry Shinkai” has been featured in ” HILLS LIFE Daily,” a media publication run by Mori Building, famous for its Roppongi Hills and Toranomon Hills.

1. What is HILLS LIFE Daily?

HILLS LIFE Daily” is a media that proposes ideas for enjoying urban life in Hills, a town where “something new” is happening.

In June 2004, the year after Roppongi Hills opened, “HILLS LIFE” was launched as a lifestyle magazine for the central Tokyo area.
The magazine was published with the aim of communicating new information and trends, proposing ideas and visions, and enhancing the creative potential of the Tokyo area for the urban dwellers who gather in this area.

In April 2017, the web version of ” HILLS LIFE Daily ” was launched, expanding its potential as a “communication platform” including social media. Through this new platform, they have been working on various attempts to share and nurture the charms, stimulation, and thrills of urban living with their readers.

2. theme is “Guilt-Free & Delicious Curry”

Our restaurant “Yakuzen Curry Shinkai” was featured in the October 26, 2023 article ” Guilt-Free & Delicious Curry for a Healthy Lunch Time! and three curry restaurants, out of nine curries, were featured in the following article.

The theme was “Guilt-Free & Delicious Curry” (Guilt-free = guilt-free).

This is exactly the right theme for our curry concept and commitment.

Our medicinal curry is flour-free (gluten-free), contains minimal oil (raw oil), is low in calories, and is full of spices, so you will not feel sick to your stomach after eating it, and you will not feel guilty at all.
For those who are concerned about calories and sugar content, we also offer the option of changing the rice to diced rice.

Our restaurant is open until 2:00 a.m., and we are seeing a huge increase in the number of customers who come to our restaurant after working late or to satisfy their hunger for more food after a night of drinking.

Many customers find our restaurant while thinking, “I’m going to eat something low in calories because it’s late at night,” or “Yakuzen Curry looks healthy and I don’t feel guilty.

3. Yakuzen Curry Shinkai’s Listing

In this article, we introduce “Yakuzen Curry Shinkai,” a curry dish that you can eat every day and never get tired of! Yakuzen Curry Shinkai” was introduced in an article titled “Yakuzen Curry Shinkai, Azabujuban – Yakuzen Curry that you will never get tired of!

Introduction of three curries

The curries introduced were

(1) Yakuzen Keema Curry with Island Tofu and Vegetable Broth (vegan)

The “Yakuzen Keema Curry with Island Tofu and Vegetable Broth” (vegan), 1 type of curry, usually ¥1,200. It is truly a natural soybean meat. The sweetness of the island tofu and the harmony of the vegetable broth make for an exquisite dish.

(Image Exhibit: HILLS LIFE Daily)

(2) Two kinds of medicinal curry & soybean rice

Sri Lankan-style Yakuzen Soup Curry (left) and Chicken and Ginger Stewed Yakuzen Curry (right), 2 kinds, usually ¥1,400 The soup curry is the ultimate expression of taste, health, and flavor, with over 20 spices and herbs creating a unique aroma and taste. The Yakuzen Curry uses a large amount of ginger. The Yakuzen Curry is made with a large amount of ginger and has an addictive taste.

(Image Exhibit: HILLS LIFE Daily)

(3) Three kinds of medicinal curry

Chicken Curry in Yakuzen Soup” (left), “Yakuzen Curry with Minced Pork and Chili” (middle), “Yakuzen Curry with Two Kinds of Beans and Vegetables (Vegan)” (bottom right). The chicken curry is based on “medicinal chicken broth” made from more than 10 spices, herbs, ginger and garlic. The soup has a mildly spicy and luxurious taste with the sweetness of onions. The Yakuzen Curry in the center was created in response to customer requests for more spicy curry. It is not only spicy, but also has a strong spice aroma and sweet flavor. The bottom right Yakuzen Curry uses chickpeas, lentils, and two types of beans. The carrots, which have been daringly left in shape, add volume and flavor.

(Image Exhibit: HILLS LIFE Daily)

(4) Pickles.

Pickles were conceived as a pickle to go with curry and to supplement the vegetable content. Ten kinds of vegetables are always used. They are beautifully colored and have a well-balanced flavor with the mild acidity of wine vinegar and the aroma of herbs and spices. Free all-you-can-eat lunch time!

(Image Exhibit: HILLS LIFE Daily)

(5) Features and specialties of our curry

In the article, in addition to the introduction of products (1) through (4), he very carefully and accurately describes the characteristics, concept, and commitment of our curry.

Yakuzen Curry Shinkai,” located near Azabu Juban Station, is a restaurant where the owner, Hiroyuki Shinkai, seriously focuses on “deliciousness” and has arrived at the “ultimate yakuzen curry” through a process of trial and error. At first glance, the restaurant looks like a bar, but the gap between the atmosphere and the health-consciousness of being “gluten-free” is irresistible. Many fans are said to be captivated by this superb yakuzen (herbal) curry that pursues both taste and health.

Please visit HILLS LIFE Daily for the rest of the article.

4. curry restaurants featured together

HILLS LIFE Daily” is a media site run by Mori Building, so naturally, curry restaurants in the Mori Building are also featured in the magazine.

(1) Yami’s Former Yam Residence

The famous Osaka restaurant “Kyu Yam Residence” opened in Roppongi Hills in the image of a drive-in restaurant, “Yami’s Kyu Yam Residence.
The secret of the restaurant’s popularity is that it is open all day, so it is easy to use, and the four types of curry are changed monthly, using seasonal ingredients, etc., so even frequent customers will never get tired of the flavor.

(2) tokyo mix curry

This restaurant is open at ARK Hills in Roppongi 1-chome, symbolizing the takeout boom of the Corona disaster, where customers can order in advance by downloading a special application or by ordering from a tablet in the store.

5. Online Shop

Yakuzen Curry Shinkai operates three stores in Minato Ward, the Azabu Juban main store, the Toranomon store, and the Daimon store, all of which are located within walking distance from several Mori Building buildings in Minato Ward, making them easy for readers of HILLS LIFE Daily and residents of the Mori Building to visit. I am sure that the location will be easy for readers of HILLS LIFE Daily and residents of the Mori Building to visit.

Unfortunately, we understand that there are some people who live in areas where it is difficult to visit the stores. We would like to invite such distant residents to try our medicinal curry, and we also sell frozen curry online.

Please take this opportunity to give it a try.