Feature Of Curry

Commitment to Health

Our curries are made in a health-conscious way, using no flour and minimal oil. The various medicinal effects and exquisite aroma of more than 17 spices and herbal medicines that we have uniquely blended. Please enjoy the unique texture and particular taste.

Gluten Free & Low Oil

Our Yakuzen Curry does not contain any “wheat flour” used in common curries such as European-style curries (gluten-free).
Gluten-free is one of the diets supported by food and health conscious people around the world, not only for those with wheat allergies, but also to avoid various disease risks hidden in wheat.

Furthermore, the spices used in curry have a very high affinity with oil, and the theory of curry making is that the aroma of the spices is transferred to the oil, so a large amount of “oil” is used in European, Indian, and other common curries.
(We believe this is the cause of stomach upset after eating curry.)

Our curries are made with a minimum amount of oil to reduce the burden on the stomach and to prevent upset stomach after eating.

More than 17 carefully selected
spices and herbs

Spices and herbs are the lifeblood of curry. The most important point in making curry is the combination of these spices and herbs.

Our Yakuzen Curry is made with more than 17 kinds of carefully selected spices and herbs, which are uniquely blended. In addition, the spices are all blended differently for each type of curry.
We are particular about the spice design for each type of curry so that you can enjoy the difference not only in the ingredients but also in the taste of the curry base itself.

In addition, because we keep the oil content to a minimum, we use a larger amount of spices and balance them so as not to spoil the spicy flavor.

There are various medicinal effects of spices and herbs, but our medicinal curry is especially expected to “promote digestion,” “promote appetite,” “promote blood circulation,” “antioxidant effect,” and “sterilization.

Commitment to taste (umami)

Many people have an image of “a meal mixed with medicine,” “a meal smelling of medicine,” or “a meal that does not taste good” when they hear the word “yakuzen.” However, we are particular about the “taste (umami)” of our yakuzen curry in order for our customers to enjoy the curry itself.

Our Yakuzen Curry is made with minimal oil, so it cannot rely on the aroma of spices. In order to make a delicious curry with this production method, we believe it is important to add “umami” to the curry to achieve a balance between the spices and umami.

This “umami” is created by concentrated “umami” derived from vegetables such as ginger, garlic, onions, and tomatoes that are slowly sauteed. In addition, there are chicken-based and vegetable-based umami. Then, the “sweetness” of coconut milk.

Finally, there is the “saltiness” that brings the spicy, umami, and sweet elements together.

The best taste is created when all of these elements overlap exquisitely.
We are always in pursuit of your health and the best taste.

Azabujuban Yakuzen Curry Shinkai
Hiroyuki Shinkai, owner