Our “Yakuzen Curry” and “Pickles” are prepared in pursuit of your health, safety, and deliciousness. We would be happy if you could learn a little bit about how we prepare “Yakuzen Curry” and “Pickles” on a daily basis.

The most important thing is the taste

The most important thing we consider when serving food is “taste.
Even if the food is healthy and good for you, you will not be willing to eat it if you have to endure the taste.

Also, when we eat good food, we feel very happy. When people feel happy, they secrete brain transmitters such as serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin, in addition to dopamine. This is said to make the mind peaceful and filled with a sense of well-being.

When the body is tired or stressed, it actually makes sense to say, “Let’s eat something tasty to cheer us up.” When the body is tired or stressed, it actually makes sense to “eat something tasty to cheer yourself up.

The food must be truly healthy.

In order to live, we must eat food and consume nutrition. However, we feel that in today’s society, it has become difficult to consume only foods that are truly good for the body due to various factors.

At our restaurant, we do our best in the selection of ingredients, cooking, and hygiene control, based on the premise that we provide our customers with food that they can eat with peace of mind.

We are confident in the spices, vegetables, meat, and oil used in our curries, and the vegetables, sugar, and vinegar used in our pickles, because we use only carefully selected ingredients.

Now, I would like to talk about our “specialties” of “Yakuzen Curry” and “Pickles” respectively.