We can change therice in our medicinal currytodiced rice(+300 yen ) for those who want to cut back on rice and carbohydrates for various reasons, such as sugar restriction or dieting, or for those who engage in sports, muscle training, or exercise and want to consume more protein.

What is “Beanus” soybean rice?

The soybean rice we carry is Beanus, a soy food that looks like rice, newly developed by Fujikko Co.


Characteristics of Soybean Rice

  1. Soy food that looks like rice with a crunchy texture
  2. Higher protein and lower carbohydrate than rice, yet satisfying to eat*.
  3. Slightly sweet and mild soybean flavor, so you can eat it every day and never get tired of the taste.
*Comparison between “Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2015 (7th Revision)” Uruchi rice (paddy rice and polished rice) and soybean rice plain.

Recommended for

  • Concerned about their body system
  • protein deficiency
  • Want to increase muscle mass
  • I want to lose weight
  • Want to reduce carbohydrates


Normal serving (170g): +300 yen